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NFPA® 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives 2019 Edition

NFPA® 80
Standard for
Fire Doors and Other Opening Protective
2019 Edition

nfpa,2019,fire,fighting,protection,life,safety,life safety,fire fighting , alarm,fire alarm,fire protection,fire doors, smoke , fire damper,smoke damper The 2019 edition includes new definitions in Chapter 3 for inspection mark and field label to assist in the application of inspection, testing,
and maintenance provisions in Chapter 5. Chapter 4 contains updated provisions for job site preparation of fire doors for fire pins.

Subsection 4.8.4 has been updated with new provisions for measuring clearance under the bottom of fire doors and with a new requirement addressing bottom clearance with the presence of latching hardware devices.

Chapter 5 has been updated to include fire protective curtain assemblies in its application and a new section that addresses inspection marks.

New subsection 19.2.2 requires damper manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions be maintained on site for new damper installations.
The detailed damper installation criteria from Chapter 19 have been deleted and left with
reliance on the damper manufacturer’s installation instructions and the damper listing.

Chapter 19 also continues to update the requirements for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire and combination fire/smoke dampers with the addition of new for a remote inspection method. A new clarifies application of inspection requirements for single inaccessible dampers.

Annex A contains new and revised figures for typical steel door frame installations.

Globally, ANSI UL 10B, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies, and ANSI UL 10C, Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies, have been added as equivalent standards to NFPA 252.

Editorial updates have been made to Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 to clean up duplicate
language and relocate text to the appropriate sections.
Referenced publications and extracted sections have been updated as needed.




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