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NFPA 2010 : Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems 2020

Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems
2020 Edition
This edition of NFPA 2010, Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems, was prepared by the
Technical Committee on Aerosol Extinguishing Technology. It was issued by the Standards Council
on November 4, 2019, with an effective date of November 24, 2019, and supersedes all previous
This edition of NFPA 2010 was approved as an American National Standard on November 24,
Origin and Development of NFPA 2010
In 1995, at the request of the Technical Committee on Alternative Protection Options to Halon,
the NFPA Standards Council voted to proceed with a new project to provide guidance on the subject
of fne-aerosol extinguishing technology. In 1996 the Standards Council reviewed the status of that
project and voted to postpone the appointment of a startup roster for a fne-aerosol technology
project until the technology had actual feld use and experience. Over the next 5 years, feld use and
experience support material was accumulated, and in 2001 the Standards Council, responding to a
public request, established a new project on fne-aerosol extinguishing technology. In 2003 the
Technical Committee on Aerosol Extinguishing Technology submitted a draft document titled Fixed
Aerosol Extinguishing Systems for inclusion in the Annual 2005 cycle. That document became NFPA
2010, Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems.
The 2010 edition of NFPA 2010 featured a reorganization of Chapters 8 and 9 to separate the
requirements for systems into categories, which include general requirements applicable to all
systems, condensed aerosol system requirements, and dispersed aerosol system requirements. Several
clarifcations were made throughout the document as well.
The 2015 edition revised the frequency of system inspections and added references to third-party
approval standards.
For the 2020 edition, the committee removed dispersed aerosol systems from the document scope
and deleted all requirements that are not relevant to condensed aerosol systems. The lack of clear
separation between the two system types created confusion, and the committee was unaware of any
current manufacturers of dispersed aerosol systems.
New requirements address the use of aerosol extinguishing systems in normally occupied spaces.
Revised text clarifes that an enclosure integrity test is not required and addresses compensation for
leakage and enclosure ceiling height when determining the aerosol agent quantity. General
improvements of readability and clarity are incorporated throughout.



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