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كود الصحي مصحوب بالشرح IPC 2015 with commentary

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

الكود  الاساسي الي بنعتمد عليه في تصميم الصحي هو  IPC 

 لكن فيه نسخه منه بتكون مدعومه  بشرح مصور 
يعني بعد الفقره بتلاقي فيه رسمه او صوره تدعم الشرح ده 

دي اخر نسخه من الكود  + نسخة الكود  بالشرح 

About  IPC
The International Plumbing Code is a plumbing code and standard which sets minimum requirements for plumbing systems in their design and function, and which sets out rules for the acceptances of new plumbing-related technologies. It is published by the International Code Council based in Washington, D.C., through the governmental consensus process and is updated on a three-year cycle to include the latest advances in technology and safest plumbing practices. The current version of this code is the 2015 edition. The IPC protects public health and safety in buildings for all water and wastewater related design, installation and inspection by providing minimum safeguards for people at homes, schools and workplace. Water heaters, anti-scalding devices, backflow prevention methods, water pipe sizing and many other such issues are addressed in the IPC.
The IPC is the most widely used plumbing code in the United States and is also used as the basis for the plumbing code of several other countries. Wide adoptions are important as they help reduce manufacturer and end-user costs by allowing the use of materials across a wide user base, thus allowing economies of scale in production of materials used in construction. Uniformity in the codes adopted across many areas also allows a broader sharing of best building practices and techniques, and improves transfer ability of experts such as architects, engineers, code officials, building inspectors, and other building professionals among those different areas. More adoptions also invites broader participation in the formulation the codes, which lends to the incorporation of the latest and best building techniques that enhance the safety of citizens in the areas using the codes.
Some jurisdictions have adopted the International Plumbing Code in a way that gives it the force of law, while others have their own codes

IPC 2015 with commentary



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