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Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads I-P

Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads I-P

                                       Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads I-P,ASHRAE,fundamental  of air  system  design,Load Calculation,Infiltration and Ventilation,Cooling Load Calculations,Air-Conditioning Loads,Internal Loads,Heating and Cooling Load Calculations,Transfer Function Method

كتير  من  المهندسين  بيسأل ناخد كورس  تكييف  فين , وبتبقي  الاجابه  دايما  ملهاش  اي معني, طيب  حضرتك  عارف ASHRAE   تحب  تاخد كورس  فيها  

ASHRAE  ليها  معهد مختص  في التعليم  وليه سلسله  اسمها  Fundamental of  design  

منها  كتب  كتير    زي  fundamental of steam system design  , fundamental  of air  system  design , والكتاب  الي  معانا   في البوست  ده  الي  هو  
Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads


Chapter 1 Heat Transfer and Load Calculation
Chapter 2 Simple Heat Loss Calculation Procedure
Chapter 3 Temperature Design Conditions and Weather Data
Chapter 4 Thermal Properties of Materials
Chapter 5 Heat Transfer Through Walls, Roofs and Floors
Chapter 6 Infiltration and Ventilation
Chapter 7 Cooling Load Calculations
Chapter 8 Air-Conditioning Loads on Walls, Roofs and Partitions
Chapter 9 Cooling Loads from Windows
Chapter 10 Internal Loads
Chapter 11 Example Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
Chapter 12 Transfer Function Method




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