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ASHRAE Standard 126-2016 Method of Testing HVAC Air Ducts

ASHRAE  Standard 126-2016

من اهم  الاعمال المسئول عنها مهندس الموقع في مجال  HVAC   هي الاختبارات  علي  دكتات الهواء  ومن اهم الاكواد  الي

بتتكلم عن النقطه دي  SMACNA    و ASHRAE


First published in 2000, Standard 126 is a joint project of ASHRAE and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA). It was created to provide

methods of testing to determine the strength and durability characteristics of HVAC ducts under various loading and environmental conditions. The intent of Standard 126 is to address all duct shapes and materials. To the project committee’s knowledge, no other publication addresses all of
the structural and durability tests as comprehensively as this standard, although individual tests are covered under other standards.
A standardized set of comprehensive tests is used to ensure that products meet minimum structural requirements, and to allow products to be compared to one another. Such tests should simulate structural stresses that the duct will experience in service and facilitate the application of safety
factors. These tests include pressurizing the ductwork, applying superimposed loads, dropping weighted implements for impact or puncture, applying tension to the duct, bending
flexible duct 180 degrees, subjecting the ductwork to temperature and humidity changes, and bursting or collapsing the duc twork under pressure. After an individual test or a series
of tests, leakage tests may be conducted to determine the effect of a structural or durability test on a specimen. During a test or series of tests, the ductwork is observed to determine
if there is degradation and permanent damage. Pass/fail criteria are determined by the sponsoring
agency, code officials, or other users of this standard. Recommended acceptance criteria are provided in Informative Annex C.

This standard provides laboratory test procedures for the evaluation of HVAC air ducts.


2.1 This standard shall be used to determine the structural strength, dimensional stability, durability, and leakage characteristics of HVAC air ducts.

2.2 This standard does not address the following:
a. Fittings
b. Effects of aerosols, solid particulates, corrosive environments, or combustibility
c. Long-term effects of extended service
d. Seismic qualifications
e. Underground ducts
f. Plenums and equipment casings




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