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Fundamentals of Refrigeration -- SI, 2nd Ed.

  اي معني, طيب  حضرتك  عارف ASHRAE   تحب  تاخد كورس  فيها

ASHRAE  ليها  معهد مختص  في التعليم  وليه سلسله  اسمها  Fundamental of  design  

منها  كتب  كتير    زي  fundamental of steam system design  , fundamental  of air  system  design , والكتاب  الي  معانا   في البوست  ده  الي  هو  
Fundamentals of Refrigeration

Table of  content  
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Refrigeration
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Chapter 3: Multistage and Cascade Refrigeration Cycles
Chapter 4: Evaporators
Chapter 5: Compressors

Chapter 6: Condensers
Chapter 7: Refrigerant Flow in Pipes, Valves, and Pumps
Chapter 8: Expansion Devices
Chapter 9: Pressure Vessels and Refrigerant Management
Chapter 10: Refrigerant Selection
Chapter 11: Product Cooling, Freezing Loads, and Cooling Secondary Fluids
Chapter 12: Practical Guide to Refrigeration Systems


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