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Air Conditioning System Design

Air Conditioning System Design

Air Conditioning System Design,Air Conditioning Processes,Indoor Design Conditions;Outdoor Air Design Conditions,Unitary Systems,Chilled Beams,Radiant Ceiling Systems,Refrigeration,Heat-Pump Systems;Humidifiers;Cooling Towers,Air Filters,Ducted Air Systems,Fans,Controls,Dampers,Load calculations,energy efficiency


Air Conditioning System Design summarizes essential theory and then explains how the latest air conditioning technology operates. Load calculations, energy efficiency, and selection of technology are all explained in the context of air conditioning as a system, helping the reader fully consider the implications of design decisions.
Whether users need to figure out how to apply their mechanical engineering degree to an air conditioning design task or simply want to find out more about air conditioning technology for a research project, this book provides a perfect guide

Table of contents : 

Chapter 1 - Properties of Humid Air,
Chapter 2 - Air Conditioning Processes,
Chapter 3 - Indoor Design Conditions
Chapter 4 - Outdoor Air Design Conditions
Chapter 5 - Room Heat Gains, Air Diffusion, and Air Flow Rates,
Chapter 6 - All-air Systems, 
Chapter 7 - Unitary Systems
Chapter 8 - Chilled Beams and Radiant Ceiling Systems
Chapter 9 - Refrigeration and Heat-Pump Systems
Chapter 10 - Humidifiers and Cooling Towers,
Chapter 11 - Exhaust Air Heat Recovery
Chapter 12 - Air Filters,
Chapter 13 - Fluid Flow: General Principles, 
Chapter 14 - Ducted Air Systems
Chapter 15 - Fans
Chapter 16 - Balancing Fluid Flow Systems,
Chapter 17 - Controls, Dampers, and Valves,
Chapter 18 - Energy Consumption, 
Chapter 19 - Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, 
Appendix A - Derivation of Equations for Inherent and Installed Characteristics of a Flow Control Device,
Appendix B - Ghost Circulations in Pipework Systems,
Appendix C - SI Units, 


Air Conditioning System Design


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