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ASHRAE Commissioning Stakeholders' Guide

ASHRAE  Commissioning Stakeholders' Guide

The Commissioning Stakeholders' Guide consolidates best practices, sample documentation, and more than 50 project checklists in a practical and applicable resource for this critical aspect of a new construction project.
ASHRAE  Commissioning Stakeholders' Guide Using ASHRAE Guideline 0 and ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 202, this guide provides concise advice, instruction, and step-by-step requirements for new construction commissioning for owners, designers, and project managers. Systems, including those found in commercial, medical, industrial, and education facilities, are described in detail.
Every facet of the commissioning process is outlined, from project initiation to the final
commissioning report. Commissioning Stakeholders’ Guide was co-published by ASHRAE, the leading organization in the sustainable built environment, and BCxA, the authority on building commissioning.
Purchasers also receive access to download more than 50 customizable checklists for use in the field

Supplemental Files

Commissioning Checklists

These checklists may be downloaded and filled out electronically or printed for use in the field.

New Construction Commissioning Process Activities and Documentation

New Construction Commissioning Process Activities, Deliverables, and Responsibilities
Commissioning Process Responsibilities by Activity
Commissioning Team Contact List

Stakeholder/Participant Roles and Responsibilities

Commissioning Documents
Commissioning Team Members by Phase (Stum and Bjornskov 2017)
Owner's Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Architect's Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Design Engineer Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Contractor/Construction Manager Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Subcontractor and Installer Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Manufacturer and Supplier Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Commissioning Provider Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
LEED® or Program Administrator Roles and Responsibilities Checklist

Commissioning for Codes and Standards Requirements

Commissioning Documentation for Permit
 Commissioning Documentation for Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy

Building System Selection for Commissioning

Commercial and Office Buildings—Systems to Commission
Medical Buildings and Hospitals—Systems to Commission
Educational Facilities—Pre-K–12 Schools—Systems to Commission
College and University Facilities—Systems to Commission
Municipal and State Buildings—Systems to Commission
Federal Buildings—Systems to Commission
Industrial Facilities—Systems to Commission
High-Rise Residential Buildings—Systems to Commission
Retail Buildings and Areas—Systems to Commission
Justice Buildings—Systems to Commission

Building System Commissioning Requirements

Building Enclosure Commissioning
Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems Commissioning
Plumbing Commissioning
Electrical Power Systems Commissioning
Lighting and Control Systems Commissioning
Energy Monitoring and Management Commissioning
Indoor Environmental Quality Commissioning
Landscape Irrigation Systems Commissioning
Fire Protection Systems Commissioning
Fire Alarm Systems Commissioning
Vertical Transportation Systems Commissioning
On-Site Energy Generation System Commissioning
Telephone and Communication Systems Commissioning

Selecting and Hiring a Commissioning Provider

Project Solicitation: BCxA Forms Summary

Appendix B—Commissioning Process Documentation: New Construction Checklists

Commissioning Documentation
Owner's Project Requirements
Preliminary Commissioning Plan
Final Commissioning Plan
Basis of Design
Commissioning Specifications in Construction Documents
Design Review Commissioning
Commissioning Submittal Review
Commissioning Observation and Testing Report
Equipment and Assemblies Tested
Sample Commissioning Issues and Resolutions Log
Commissioning Issues and Resolutions Log
Systems Manual
Training Plan
Commissioning Documentation for Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy
Final Commissioning Report


ASHRAE  Commissioning Stakeholders' Guide


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