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ASHRAE 185.1-2020


Standard 185.1-2020 -- Method of Testing UV-C Lights for Use in Air-Handling Units or Air Ducts to Inactivate Airborne Microorganisms (ANSI Approved)

Full Description

ASHRAE Standard 185.1 establishes atest method to evaluate UV-C lamps for their ability to inactivate airbornemicroorganisms. It defines procedures for generating test bioaerosols and forsampling upstream and downstream of the UV-C lamp.In addition, the standard establishesperformance specifications for test equipment, quality assurance standards, andmethods of calculating and reporting results from the test data.This method of test may also be usedto test air-cleaning devices that do not use ultraviolet technology if thedevice being tested can be installed in the testing duct system as described.Test reports should note that results were from a modified test and include thespecific device tested and modifications made to the method.


ASHRAE 185.1-2020


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