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Origin and Development
The advantages of a statewide adopted Uniform Plumbing Code are recognized
throughout the industry. Disorder in the industry because of widely divergent plumbing
practices and the use of many different, often conflicting, plumbing codes by localPLUMBING,UPC,IPC,ASPE,DRAIN,STORM,WATER SYPPLY,LPG,MEDICAL GAS
jurisdictions influenced the Western Plumbing Officials Association (now the International
Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials [IAPMQ]) to form a committee. This
committee of plumbing inspectors, master and journeyman plumbers, and plumbing
engineers, backed by public utility companies and the plumbing industry to create a basic
plumbing document for general use. The product of this effort, the first edition of the
Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC®) was adopted by IAPMO in 1945. The widespread use
of this code over the past seven decades by jurisdictions throughout the United States
and internationally is testament to its merit.
Publishing of the 2003 Uniform Plumbing Code was a significant milestone because it
was the first time in the history of the United States a plumbing code was developed
through a true consensus process. The 2021 edition represents the most current
approaches in the plumbing field and is the seventh edition developed under the ANSI
consensus process. Contributions to the content of this code consists of diverse interests
as consumers, enforcing authorities , installers/maintainers, labor, manufacturers ,
research/standards/ testing laboratories, special experts, and users.
The Uniform Plumbing Code provides consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing
systems while, at the same time, allowing latitude for innovation and new technologies.
The public at large is invited and encouraged to take part in lAPMG’s open consensus
code development process . This code is updated every three years. The Uniform
Plumbing Code is dedicated to all those who, in working to achieve "the ultimate
plumbing code,” have unselfishly devoted their time, effort, and personal funds to create
and maintain this, the finest plumbing code in existence today.
The Uniform Plumbing Code updates every three years in revision cycles that begin twice
each year that takes two years to complete.
Each revision cycle advances according to a published schedule that includes final dates
for all major events and contains four basic steps as follows:
1. Public and Committee Proposal Stage;
2. Comment Stage;
3. Associat.on Technical Meeting,
4. Council Appeals and Issuance of Code.





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