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2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals

 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals



The 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals covers basic principles and data used in the HVAC&R industry. The ASHRAE Technical Committees that prepare these chapters provide new information, clarify existing content, delete obsolete materials, and

reorganize chapters to make the Handbook more understandable and easier to use

2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals

This edition includes a new chapter on global climate change.

Individual Handbook chapters have long addressed sustainability, global warming potential, greenhouse gases, recycling, and reclamation as they apply to those chapters’ specific topics, but  ASHRAE is pleased to present an entirely new chapter dedicated

entirely to designing and operating in a changing world environment. In addition to the new chapter, this volume’s content has been extensively updated since the 2017 edition.


Chapter 14, Climatic Design Information, for instance, has expanded its coverage and added data from 1119 new weather stations around the world, for a total of 9237 stations.




2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals  SI UNIT

2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals  IP UNIT 


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