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Thunderhead Engineering Ventus 2023.1.0816 (x64)

Thunderhead Engineering Ventus 2023.1.0816 (x64)


Ventus is designed to provide a pressurization simulation for smoke control analysis. The simulation is performed by CONTAM, an open-source application maintained and developed by NIST.

Like PyroSim and FDS, Ventus provides a premium user experience for industry-leading simulation software.
By utilizing our expertise in delivering 3D modeling applications for fire protection engineering, Ventus will exceed the demands of CONTAM users who want to accelerate their smoke control projects.

Whether for stairwells, atriums, or underground buildings, proper air handling systems must be designed for pressurized smoke control in case of emergency.
Ventus provides a clear and efficient path from modeling a building to understanding temperatures, pressures, and densities so that the proper solution can be reached.

Thunderhead Engineering supports you every step of the way.
Whether you want in-depth training or self-taught materials, you can learn performance-based design modeling with greater efficiency and proficiency.
We design our software for anyone to learn, and our customers are delighted when our support team helps them succeed.

Import CAD geometry

Import CAD models or floorplans to build geometry. Easily understand and navigate your model. Quickly designate flow paths.

Design simulations in 3D

Build an application tailored to avoid errors and mistakes. See your realistic model as you work and easily investigate details through intelligent UI.

Deliver answers quickly

Create data reports for all configured scenarios. Provide increased certainty that your inputs are valid and deliver the proper solution.

Simulate multiple ambient conditions

Easily compare results for varying outdoor conditions. Maintain multiple simulation configurations for sensitivity analyses and multiple scenarios.

-Ventus allows users to build 3D models of pressure zones based on actual building geometry.
-Ventus manages multi-variable scenarios for simplified batch CONTAM simulation and analysis.
-Ventus tabulates results data for multiple scenarios into digestible CSV data and 3D visuals.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10
CPU:Core i5 3570 (4 Cores)/Athlon X4 970 (4 Cores)
Memory:8GB RAM


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