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Fundamentals of Water System Design I-P, 2nd Ed

  Fundamentals of Water System Design I-P, 2nd Ed

A Course Book for
Self-Directed or Group Learning

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كتير  من  المهندسين  بيسأل ناخد كورس  تكييف  فين , وبتبقي  الاجابه  دايما  ملهاش  اي معني, طيب  حضرتك  عارف ASHRAE   تحب  تاخد كورس  فيها  
ASHRAE  ليها  معهد مختص  في التعليم  وليه سلسله  اسمها  Fundamental of  design  

منها  كتب  كتير    زي  fundamental of steam system design  , fundamental  of air  system  design , fundamental of  Psychometric  والكتاب  الي  معانا   في البوست  ده  الي  هو  fundamental of  water system  design  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Water System Design Concepts
Chapter 2: Piping System Design
Chapter 3: Pipe Materials and Fittings
Chapter 4: Centrifugal Pumps
Chapter 5: Terminal Unit Performance and Control
Chapter 6: Expansion Tanks and Air Elimination
Chapter 7: Piping System Development
Chapter 8: Matching Pumps to Systems
Chapter 9: Water Chillers and Load Control
Skill Development Exercises




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