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HVAC Design Sourcebook

HVAC Design Source book

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Author   W. Larsen Angel, P.E., LEED AP
ISBN: 978-0-07-175302-9
publisher   The McGraw-Hill Companies


Are you searching for a practical handbook that will assist you in the process
of designing heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for
commercial buildings? The HVAC Design Sourcebook is the tool you need to
quickly become a valuable member of your design team.
The typical approach to training junior employees in the process of designing HVAC
systems is to have them try to learn the skills they need to work as effective members of
a design team from the senior HVAC engineers they are working under. Unfortunately,
the knowledge the senior engineers are expected to impart has taken them years to
develop and, without a practical training resource, the process of teaching junior HVAC
system designers the essentials of HVAC system design becomes time-consuming,
ineffective, and costly.
The HVAC Design Sourcebook fills the void in the industry for a practical resource to
assist in the process of training junior HVAC system designers in the basics of HVAC
system design. Essential design concepts are clearly explained and illustrated with
photographs of actual HVAC systems installations and graphical conventions used in
the preparation of construction drawings. Codes and standards are referenced frequently
to emphasize the need for HVAC systems to be designed in accordance with the
requirements of the regulating authorities. Other topics such as the overall design
process, HVAC systems and equipment, piping and duct work distribution systems,


1-What Is HVAC?
2-The Design Process
3-Piping, Valves, and Specialties
4-Central Plant
5-Air Systems
6-Piping and Ductwork Distribution Systems
7-Terminal Equipment
8-Noise and Vibration Control
9-Automatic Temperature Controls
10-Construction Drawings




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